We appreciate our clients, and are pleased to share their experiences with Jill M. Metz & Associates.

As a man who hates dealing with legal matters, I nonetheless realized that I had to completely re-do my Trust and Final Will and Testament. I must confess that I didn't relish going through this procedure again. From the outset, I found Jill to be the personification of a true professional who was obviously top notch in every way I wished her to be. I found her business-like but at the same time friendly, cordial, and extremely supportive and sensitive to my needs and wishes. I was amazed at the detail and the meticulous manner in which my documents were prepared. I would be remiss were I not to acknowledge the time, work, and efforts of Jill's associate, Susan Frances, for her work on my behalf. This was obviously a "team effort" by two extremely qualified legal professionals who excel at what they do.

Jill Metz & Associates are conveniently located in my neighborhood, and I consider their presence in the Edgewater Community a tremendous asset for those who ever face the need to seek out their services.

~ Les Mitnick, March 29, 2016

Jill M. Metz & Associates were recommended to us over 20 years ago by a good friend in the neighborhood. We have had the opportunity to work with Jill on various occasions: when we bought/sold our first home, creating our estate documents, buying our second home 12 years ago, and updating our estate documents most recently. Estate planning is difficult and stressful, but Jill and Susan make it easier by being patient, compassionate and very knowledgeable in what is best for your situation. We are grateful that Jill and her associates are our attorneys and think they are very professional and highly recommend them if you need legal advice.

~ Teresa and Annie, October 11, 2015

We first met Jill Metz over ten years ago; when we were having problems with different health facilities. One of us was having some serious health issues, and when we would go to the hospital or doctor, they would not talk to my partner stating she was not a relative or spouse. When it came to paying our bills we could not handle each other's business and we were concerned about what would happen to one of us if the other was seriously injured or should perish. Jill created documentation that was legally binding, fit our situation, and met our needs as an interracial lesbian couple. We have recently returned to Jill Metz & Associates and have received the same kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and dignified service. We wouldn't go anywhere else for estate documents, like our wills, or for family and legal advice. If you want the best legal advice, then you want Jill Metz.

~ Chris & Cindy, February 4, 2015

After doing significant and thorough research in Chicago of LGBT adoption attorneys, we came across Jill Metz. Jill is knowledgeable, efficient, passionate, and very well connected. She offers more than just her knowledge, but rather a guiding hand to navigate the complex waters of adoption at all phases of the cycle. Jill holds and maintains high expectations for a successful outcome and while there were no guarantees based on the facts and process in our case, Jill and her associates left no stone unturned to insure we were legally represented and protected! We remain thankful and would highly recommended Jill Metz to represent you in your adoption needs.

~ Jonathon Kinyon and Rick VanDerSnick, January 22, 2015

Our family used the services of Jill M. Metz & Associates for both our Wills and our Trust. When having these services done we met Susan Frances, an attorney associated with the firm. She was focused, dedicated, and determined to achieving the best results for us. Susan had excellent knowledge of the law which was evident when we discussed matters. She was professional, thorough, and kind keeping us informed every step of the way. This enabled us to make the best decisions which were often complicated. We also had another unrelated issue with a past family member regarding probate matters in another state. Susan's broad knowledge of legal concepts helped direct us to make the best choices for our family. I highly recommend the Jill M. Metz & Associates law firm and Susan Frances for her commendable character and knowledge of the law.

~ Marcia and Erin, January 19, 2015

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