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Before a person suffers a stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia or other debilitating injury or illness, it is critical that he or she has in place a well-prepared estate plan. Without power of attorney documents that grant authority to a designated individual to make critical financial and medical decisions, family members of an incapacitated parent or other loved one may need to initiate a probate court proceeding to establish a guardianship.

While guardianship proceedings should typically be avoided when possible, they are a necessity for many families. If you find yourself in a situation where it is necessary to appoint a guardian who can make critical financial and/or medical decisions on behalf of a loved one, contact the experienced estate planning lawyers at Jill M. Metz & Associates.

Types of Guardianships

A guardian of the estate has the legal authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the person who is the subject of the guardianship. By contrast, a guardian of the person has the authority to make life decisions on behalf of the person who is subject of the guardianship, including decisions about medical care, housing, nursing home care and more.

Guardianships for Children

When a child with special needs becomes an adult, he or she may require a guardian to make financial decisions and critical life decisions on his or her behalf. A guardian may be appointed who can make such decisions.

Families with a child who has absent parents may find it necessary to establish a legal guardianship of that child so an aunt, uncle, grandparent or other family member can act in a legal parental role for that child.

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