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With more than 35 years of legal experience, the lawyers at Jill M. Metz & Associates are prepared to protect your legal rights. We serve a diverse clientele in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois. If you are seeking an attorney who will listen to you and vigorously advocate on your behalf, contact us. We take pride in providing each and every client with quality, responsive legal service.

Areas of Practice

  • Adoption: We assist clients through the adoption process from insemination, surrogacy or other assisted reproductive technology contracts to the court process of securing a judgment of adoption and new birth certificate.
  • Family protection: We help clients through both the joys and the sorrows of family life. We mediate and litigate divorce agreements, including division of property, child custody and spousal maintenance. We assist with family building through adoption, estate planning and establishing guardianship plans. The Illinois Civil Union Act and Illinois Marriage Fairness Act are safety nets that must be enhanced with estate documents and second parent adoptions, as many states and foreign countries do not recognize civil unions or same-sex marriages. We assist all our clients in evaluating their unique situation and preparing the right legal documents.
  • Gay and lesbian family law: As LGBTQ family law attorneys, we understand the need for LGBTQ households to secure legal protections that ensure the stability of their family. We assist couples with understanding how the Illinois Civil Union Act and the Illinois Marriage Fairness Act affect their rights. We work with lesbians, gay and transgender individuals' divorce proceedings. For couples going through a divorce who have children who are gender nonconforming or transgender, we work with parents to create the best parenting plan for them and their children.
  • No civil union or marriage: For lesbian and gay clients who do not wish to enter into a civil union, we offer estate planning, second parent adoption and real estate services. For clients who have not entered into a civil union but who have now ended a same-sex relationship, we offer legal representation on such issues as custody, visitation, and division of assets and real estate.
  • Estate planning: We help our clients establish decision-making and inheritance rights through Illinois' estate and contract laws. You are best protected by the evaluation of your personal situation and the preparation of legal documents tailored to protect you and your family.
  • Probate and estate administration: Our attorneys are experienced in probate and small estate administration outside of probate, including estates with family-owned businesses and real estate holdings.
  • Real estate: Our real estate lawyers provide cost-effective legal representation to speed up the purchase or sale of your home or investment property.
  • Business law: Satisfied clients often come back to the law office of Jill M. Metz & Associates for assistance with starting a small business. Once your business is established, we provide ongoing assistance with contracts, disputes and other vital business matters.

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